Reunion Vacation: Week Two

Monday, August 22, 2011

Even though we've been home for a week, I am just now getting a post and some photos here. As you read, you will understand the reasons why.
Week two began with hubby and I having a little anniversary getaway which I referenced in the 19 and counting post. The day after our celebration dinner in Orlando, we continued east to Lakeland and visited our friends John & Ashlee. They live in a quaint historic district on the outskirts of Central Florida University's campus. It's the kind of neighborhood one would expect to see at the movies. Big front porches and sidewalks abound along with friendly neighbors who are friendly with one another. In fact, they included us in their monthly neighborhood block party and we had the pleasure of meeting many of these nice folks. It was also "National Night Out" so the police chief, the fire department and several city council members made an appearance. I didn't have my camera with me because I didn't want to intrude on their good time snapping pictures but they probably would have just thought I was the local paper's photographer--and would have offered me a hotdog just the same.

The following morning Ashlee took me on a tour of downtown and the surrounding area. I could see why she loved calling this place home. We did a little bit of shopping and then met up with Trey to head back to Amelia. When we returned, Quinn & Mimi had just come home from playing a round of golf and Ian, Ben and Papa Jim spent the evening riding horses on the beach. Again, no pictures of either since I wasn't present but it sounded super cool.

Thursday: Trey's cousin Dane took the day off work and came up with his kids to play with us. Amelia Jane and Wynn were so much fun to have around. The boys loved playing with the little guy and I enjoyed some girl time. So did A.J. When we got back to the house she said, "let's have dinner outside, just you and me. There are too many boys in there."

Friday: Trey's cousin Lisa flew in from northern Virginia in the afternoon and we all went downtown to "Sounds on Center"--an outdoor concert. Unfortunately the breeze that was there when we arrived, decided to go elsewhere once we plopped down in our chairs. The concert going was short-lived and we all ended up at The Doo Wop Diner for burgers and fries. Just as we finished, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jim arrived--also from the greater D.C. area--to join us for dessert.

Saturday: The Jacksonville cousins made the trek back up and we all played at the beach and pool for most of the day. The evening found us at the quieter neighborhood pool for a family picnic and more swimming and sun.
Sunday: One last hurrah before cousin Lisa left town and all 18 of us enjoyed brunch together. Some of us went to the beach and others stayed behind for some downtime.

Amelia Jane and Trey

Baby Wynn loves his watermelon

A 14 year old feeding a one year old. Yes, really.

Quinn tearing up the surf.

Brotherly love.

Screams of joy--or terror. Not really sure.

Cousins trying desperately to keep the water out. Hard to do when you are at sea level.

Uncle Jim and Baby Wynn

My two favorite Nancy's.

Aunt Nancy and Trey

Sun avoiders

The Iannuzzi/Carpenter family

Cousins and watermelon--what is my 12 year old posing for???

Trying to get a group shot while a kind gentleman waits patiently for us. My camera battery died right after this so I have no final shot.