Eighth Grade Graduation

Saturday, June 18, 2011

When I logged on tonight I saw that my last post was almost 3 weeks ago. That tells you how utterly crazy this last month has been. As I reflect on all that happened I don't know how we made it through--other than a lot of coffee and not a lot of sleep. I am so ready for summer.

The biggest event of all this past week was Quinn's 8th grade graduation. I officially have a high schooler now. Because of his middle school fire 18 months ago, Quinn's class combined with another 8th grade class for a total of 365 students. This was not an easy feat for the administration, the teachers, the students or the families. I had heard a lot of negative from my son about the excessive rules, the culture on the other side of town and the 45 minute bus ride every day. The communication about the event was dismal at best so I didn't have very high expectations. I am happy to report that I was in tears by the end of the ceremony. I loved hearing all the different teachers speak so highly (and sincerely) of these kids. The highlight (and tear-inducing moment) was when a local artist unveiled the project she had been working on with the students all year long. Each eighth grader created a silk screen self portrait. She took pieces of all of them and weaved together an amazing display. The vice prinicipal read a poem about how one thread is weak on its own but when sewn together with other pieces it becomes that much stronger. This was a metaphor for the class of 2015. They overcame the hurdles and really did make some lasting friendships. This is the only class in the history of our town that will have students attending all three high schools--definitely a rare event. Click here to read the local paper's story.

We quickly took some snapshots before they were whisked away for their celebration dance.

Mom and Auntie Lori

Dad was on a business trip so just mother and son.

With his proud grandparents

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Jeremy Saunders said...

mary is impressive. I helped her with the salmon project that was (sniff sniff) strewn throughout WMS. She is so talented and giving. I too enjoyed the graduation ceremony. It's going to be weird with our babies in high school!