Yes, it's broken

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

That is a phrase I am growing tired of hearing. But I guess with a house full of active boys it's to be expected. Although, "it's broken" is often followed by "it was just a fluke thing. This normally wouldn't result in a break." Of course not. At least this time it happened on a weekday as opposed to a holiday or Sunday night. And, at least this time, we have health insurance.

Poor sweet Ben has now had the misfortune of visiting the orthopedic office twice in the course of ten months. Last Friday he had a teacher workday so Dad took the day off too. (yes, it's the school's fault entirely) A few minutes into their one-on-one goal shooting, Ben went down to stop the ball and his elbow jammed into his knee. At first, like always, we were hoping for "it's just a bad bruise." From past experience as most neglectful parents of the year (with Ian) we learned the hard way that it's always better to get an x-ray-especially when the arm is twice the size of the opposing one 24 hours later.

The pediatrician at the after hours clinic predicted a buckle fracture. "We don't even cast those anymore. Just a splint for 3 weeks." Phew. As I stood behind the x-ray tech, even without any formal training, it was quite obvious this was no simple injury. The forearm bone was snapped right down the middle. Not a huge break but enough of one to warrant a "Uh-oh. I'm afraid you'll be seeing the orthopedic specialist on Monday." Oh, and soccer season starts on Saturday. Boo hoo.

Ben got the royal treatment and didn't seem to mind the two hour visit and being shuffled around from room to room. The best part of all was picking his cast color(s). The casting tech worked her magic and he ended up with a mix of green AND glow-in-the-dark. She even turned off the lights in the casting room for full effect at the end. Now that the novelty is wearing off, it's a different story around here. A full arm cast for the next 3 weeks then cut down to a short one for 2 more weeks. At least it's not summer, right?

Big brother pens his autograph--on half the cast.

He's still smiling.

Trying to get the full effect of glow in the dark but the camera just won't capture it.

Ian had to make his mark--gotta love big brothers.