What a week!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Every day I've been thinking "I need to get on here and post" but so much has happened that I thought I'd save it for one fell swoop. The end of the school year holds so many rites of passage and celebrations whether you're graduating from high school, middle school or elementary. This year we had a fifth grader moving on to middle school which was the biggest celebration of all. Added in there was a cast FINALLY being removed and a seventh graders in charge of a carnival. (when you see the pictures, you'll understand why that can be a scary prospect).

So ready.


The calm before the storm.

Argh! Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Their favorite teacher, Mr. Owens, bought the last pie.

They auctioned off the cherry pie and Sammy was the highest bidder. She thoroughly enjoyed her victory.

Ian's teacher was such a good sport at the fifth grade picnic. This was the culmination of the relay race to put spaghetti in her hair.

Part of the winning class.