Mother's Day

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thank you, President Woodrow Wilson for signing the proclamation 1n 1914 officially making the second Sunday in May a day to honor mothers. For the past 13 years it has been my favorite holiday but particularly so once my kids entered preschool and began bringing home all those wonderful works of art stored throughout closets, cedar chests and attics.
In spite of all the many precious gifts my boys have made and given over the years, this was the very first time I was served breakfast in bed. My thoughtful Ian cooked up the idea and the meal itself. He was so darn cute and proud of his accomplishment. His brothers decided he was man enough to handle the task at hand while they snoozed away. (I'm sure they were with us in spirit). Below are some photos of the loot. I purposely did not include myself in them because, although I'm not the most vain woman around, I do draw the line at " bed head", sleep lines and sagging objects. :)

Can you tell who loves to call me "Hope"?

Hubby rocked with the PJ purchase. I wanted to wear them to work today.

Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to rotate this photo. After dinner, when I tried to cash in on Ben's promise of dish duty, he replied: "I meant that I would take them out of the dishwasher. " I guess homemade cards sometimes need disclaimers.

Isn't that sweet? Ben again.

Ian "loves my cooking" which is comical because there isn't much I cook that he likes to eat. Maybe he meant "I like the processed snacks you buy at the store." The necklace he made at school. His teacher is amazing.

After breakfast we went to church then out to a "fancy" lunch at Sonic Drive-In followed by a 3 hour family mountain bike excursion. As the boys were clamoring to hit the jumps and rougher trails, Trey gently reminded them that "this was mom's day." It was the equivalent of still being on training wheels for them but they were good sports. I probably spent more time pushing my bike uphill than actually pedaling but it was a beautiful sunny day and we were all together. After dinner my sweet neighbor brought over a card with a CD of a song by Trace Adkins called , "You're Gonna Miss These Days." How very, very true.