Girls' Beach Weekend

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Even though two of the three of us are "in our 40's" I still love referring to us as "girls." Especially when we get away for a long weekend together. I've been blessed with some pretty amazing female friendships. And this year I've gone a bit overboard with the "girls' weekends." In fact I realized that, so far this year, I've had a getaway every single month. I'm liking this trend.
This past weekend was the longest and most relaxing one so far. We were gone for 4 days and 3 nights to Long Beach, WA. My dear friend Joy's family has a cabin that has been passed down through 3 generations. Over the years it has been updated to accomodate more guests. The rest of my family have been guests down there at least 2 or 3 times but every time I've been invited something has always conspired to sabotage my impending trip. It soon became the big joke that I was the lone friend who " never made it to the cabin." So back in January when Joy suggested she, Kim and I try to get down there in the spring I half-heartedly agreed and figured something would get in the way and we'd laugh about it for another year or two. Not this time. Every little detail lined up and off we went.
Long Beach is known for its cloudy, cool weather and rain was in the forecast. However, the skies never opened on us when we ventured out for a walk on the beach, hitting the trails and--most importantly--shopping. I'm ready to get the next one on the calendar!
Ahhhhhh....we're finally here.

Trying on glasses....Minnie Pearl style.

Beautiful beach.

After our 90 minute walk on the trail.


Doing our "re-con" garbage run. It WAS a public trash can after all.

Our great finds from Ambiance and Farmhouse Funk. Yes, it all fit in the minivan.


2 Responses to “Girls' Beach Weekend”

Andrea said...

What a fun weekend, you deserve it!

Roger & Sheri said...

I just read up on your blog since Trey's bday....good stuff friend. Our beach trip WAS great and I am so glad that I FINALLY got to share the cabin with you. Let's make it a yearly trip for girl time - for sure!!!