Come Alive Tour 2010 starring the BFF's

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have wanted to post these pics on here for the last 3 weeks but a million things and continuing my never-ending Disney novel has been preventing me from doing so. My BFF, Lacey, has a childhood friend who moved to Nashville a couple years ago to pursue his dream of playing guitar and writing music alongside some famous Christian artists. Well, lucky for us, Brian's dream was recently realized when he was asked to join the "Come Alive Tour" with Point of Grace and Mark Schultz. In late March they were playing an hour up the road from us in Vancouver and Brian had three VIP tickets and backstage passes waiting for Lacey and two of her friends. I got to be one of those friends!!! We thought we were so very cool. And we were. :) I happen to love both of these artists and seeing them live was an incredible treat. Meeting them backstage was even better. They were so incredibly down-to-earth, about our ages and practically as glamourous. (Ha!!).

They would soooo be friends with us if they lived here--or vice versa.
Our backstage passes
Lacey tries out one of Brian's many guitars.

Mark and his amazing vocals.

Shelly--she was my favorite. Her nickname is Boss Hogg. Loved her.