Everyone needs an Aunt Nancy

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NOTE: This was scheduled to post on Sunday, January 23rd but we had some technical difficulties.

When Trey and I first met and began sharing family stories, I learned that his dad, named Jim, had a sister named Nancy--which also happened to be my mother-in-law's name. As it turned out, his Aunt Nancy was also married to a Jim. Jim married a Nancy and Nancy married a Jim. Did I lose you yet?

Anyway, a couple months after our move to Maryland, and four months into our dating relationship, I met the beloved Aunt Nancy. I knew I liked her immediately when she arrived to Easter dinner wearing rabbit ears. She was kind, engaging and so very interested in you. (Uncle Jim was equally as likeable but that's another post.) Even though I didn't grow up with her as my aunt, I've never felt like I wasn't her niece.e. From that Easter dinner on, I can't recall a birthday or any other holiday she has not remembered me, Trey and now the kids. She even sends my sister a birthday card every year simply because she shares her special day with Uncle Jim. So in honor of HER birthday today, I dedicate this post to my favorite aunt.

Most likely due to the fact that I didn't grow up in their family, I find all of her idiosyncracies utterly adorable. She must know this because, according to her son, whenever he expresses his annoyance over her extreme attention to detail her response is "Well Dana likes it when I do.... (fill in the blank)." Some of the many reasons I'm so fond of this lady include her extreme thoughtfulness, ageless sense of adventure and that she still only corresponds by the written word. No computer mumbo jumbo for her. A few years ago we were headed back to the D.C. area for Trey's high school reunion. The day before our departure a note arrived in the mail detailing the upcoming forecast and advising us on how to pack for the trip. It didn't even dawn on her that we could retrieve this information with the click of a mouse. So innocent and naive but sincere all in one package. This past fall, just before the infamous Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, D.C., she clipped an article from the Washington Post with a complete diagram of the human body and how each area responds to running a marathon based on whether it was properly trained or not. She thought we might be interested to know this information. Again, no clue that we're not restricted from viewing the same diagram in spite of not receiving her newspaper. She's well travelled and continues to actively traipse all over the world. Recently she and Uncle Jim went on a 30-Day cruise through Asia. Rarely does she forget to send a postcard our way in the midst of her great adventures. This last one read: Sailed on a glass bottom boat in the Red Sea and rode a camel In her 70's!!

Happy, happy birthday dear Aunt Nancy!! May the joy you bring others return to you today!

Surprising Trey at his 40th birthday party

Meeting for lunch in D.C. before our flight back to Seattle

With Trey's brother Michael at Mimi's 60th birthday party.