Day 3-Evening at Palo's

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mimi got some excellent advice and was told to make reservations at the "adults only" restaurant on the ship prior to setting sail. That very day I had said to Trey, "The food has been good but I've been craving Italian." Isn't just like Disney to grant my wish? The kids were occupied by a dodgeball tournament and we arrived at Palo: Fine Northern Italian cuisine. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Our waiter, Dragan, was from Croatia so I rattled off the four Croatian words in my vocabulary and we were fast friends. He wined and dined us like we were royalty and brought enough delicacies to satisfy us for a year. We had lasagna, calamari, proscuitto, asparagus and fried peppers--and this was only the appetizer course. I had lobster and mascarpone chesse lobster and the most decadent chocolate souffle on earth--or shall I say, "sea"?

The most handsome men on the ship

Uncle Mike and glamorous Jen

This was the nightly towel art waiting for us

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