Oh Happy Day

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whenever I've been asked the question: "what's your favorite day of the year?" Unlike most, I don't say 'Christmas' or 'Thanksgiving'--although I do like those holidays a lot. Without hesitation my response is always: "the first day of school". I have always, always, always loved this September day whether I was a Kindergartener or it was my senior year. And I think I love it even more as a mom than when I was a little girl. I wonder why.

There is so much signifigance wrapped up in this day. The smell of the crisp, Fall air reminds us that it's a new season. New shoes on everyone's feet brings to light that we've all grown a little. The anticipation of seeing your classmates and finding out who your teacher's are is both daunting and exciting and the same time. Is there really any other time, other than New Year's, when you get a fresh start or have so much to look forward to ?

So this morning, I had to snap the obligatory pictures and my kids look walking zombies--because they probably were. Have a look below.

Ben is a big second grader. Ian starts his fifth and final year of elementary school. Millie would have gladly joined them if there was a way to sneak her in the building.

Quinn is ready for seventh grade. No longer the "babies" of the middle school.