Happy Campers: Days 4-6

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 4: We determined that, up to this point, we had spent all of our time in search of a campsite, setting up a campsite or taking down a campsite. It was quickly becoming a working vacation. We paid for a second night and enjoyed the morning on the creek. We packed up lunch and headed to a "day use" state park with enormous sand dunes and a lake. It was a sandboarder's dream. And a "former non-camping mom's" nightmare. Although the sun was shining, it was so windy that we just couldn't get warm. The wax was no longer doing its trick on the boys' boards and everyone was getting stuck. It looked like the Sahara Desert without the camels. The sand in every crack and crevace (literally) was starting to get old. We left there in desperate search of a laundromat. Found one with a handful of working machines (isn't that always the case?) in a dilapidated strip mall. A fellow laundromat patron told me that a few miles down the road we'd find a nicer, cleaner facility--with showers. What?? Take me to your leader! Those clothes were barely out of the dryer and we were our way to clean bodies. $2 for 8 minutes of hot water. Headed back to the campground and Quinn, Ben and I played on the beach while Ian & Trey prepared the campfire and dinner.

I would love this for my backyard.

This was where I spent my morning quiet time. So serene.

We didn't catch anything but it was sure fun trying.

The drive to Florence. Oregon that is.

Beach Boys.

Cute and cheesy. He's cute. I'm cheesy.

One of my favorite moments. My boys at sunset on the sea.

Day 5: Packed up and said good-bye to Rock Creek and headed south to the Sea Lion Caves. We drove by the neon sign at least 8 times and Ben begged to stop on our way out. Trey caved (no pun intended0 and we dropped $43 to take an elevator 200 ft. down to a stinky room with a chain link fence separating the ocean and 130 sea lions lying on the rocks. Hmmmm. Fifteen minutes later we were back in our car. Not particularly worth the price of admission. Especially when one can drive 500 yards down the road and look over the rock wall to see at least 4 or 5 frolicking in the water. "But Ben will remember it for the rest of his life." Doubtful.
Headed east to Eugene and connected with I-5 north in search of our next destination. Two hours later we pulled in to a KOA just outside of Salem. They happened to have a cabin available directly across from the pool and hot showers. Sold! A double bed, bunks, a loft, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Ahhhhhhh.

Today's highlight: Out-of-this-world fish and chips at a local dive.
Forgettable moment: Ben's bike breaking to a state of non-repair. Sigh.
Day 6: Had to be out of the cabin by 11:00 but the owner said we could stay at the pool all day. No problem, sir. We were the only ones there until almost 2:00. Everyone was in dry clothes and ready to go so I made my way to the showers. When I returned, all three boys had put their swim trunks back on and were doing every possible water acrobatic in front of two darling, and I mean darling, 12-year old girls who arrived in my absence. "C'mon, Mom get back in the pool" my oldest bellowed. I'm on to ya, son. We stayed another half hour while the two parties said nary a word to one another. But the mutual admiration was obvious.
We headed north and arrived for a yummy spaghetti dinner at Grandma's. Had a fun evening playing "I Spy" and watching "Cash Cab". I LOVE that show!
Today's highlight: Basking in 90 degrees instead of 64 degrees.
Forgettable moment: Knowing our vacation was over tomorrow.