Happy Belated Father's Day

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not to be redundant but I continued to peruse Quinn's poetry book and struck some more "gold". Because we were out of town, I completely missed posting anything on Father's Day in tribute to my sweet husband who also happens to be a fantastic dad. Apparently his son feels the same as evidenced by the poem below. I might need to pull this out again as a reminder to Quinn as we embark on the teen years in six short months and dad becomes a nerd for a while.

This is so darn sweet!


You dive into the swimming pool

Sweat after a long run

Love your beautiful family

Linger to do good for someone else

Drain all fears from my mind

Load up the car for a road trip

Applaud my accomplishments

Climb the North Twin

Protect me when I'm in danger

Imagine life in Heaven

Praise God in church

Ride the waves in Oregon

Complain about the economy and government

Launch yourself into the air while skiing

Come to my weekend soccer games

Enter the room in a good mood

Lock Christmas presents away from me and my brothers

Who would do anything to just open one