Where in the world is Ben?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our town's annual big event (which takes place over the Memorial Day weekend) is the "Ski to Sea Race." It is exactly what is implied: a race that starts on the mountain and ends at the sea. There are five legs to the competition, and the weekend prior to the event, the Chamber of Commerce hosts the "Junior Ski to Sea" for third graders through high school. Last year, Quinn's team came in first place by a matter of seconds. Naturally the boys treated it like an Olympic competition as they were duped the prior year by their fifth grade counterparts. (Remember we are talking 11 yr. olds here)

Lately there's been a lot of talk around our house about this year's teams, the official team names; the t-shirts; who is doing the biking, the soccer dribble, etc. In yesterday's mail arrived the official entry form. The picture gracing the front cover was the first, second and third place teams from the co-ed elementary division!! Quinn was devastated. (again, he's 12) "We won first. I can't believe they didn't put us on there. Blah. Blah. Blah." So I take a gander and who do I see in the lower right hand corner but our little Ben. I just cracked up! Doesn't it remind you of the Richard Scarry books and searching high and low looking for "Lowly Worm". Or Where's Waldo? It's such the perfect summary of Ben's life thus far: being schlepped all over town to his big brothers' activities hoping for a minute or two of his own fame. At this point he had clearly had it. Regardless, he was going to be part of the ceremony. Doesn't he look like he just belongs there? Can I get your autograph Ben? Oh and you too, Quinn?