The One Thing

Monday, November 24, 2008

This afternoon as I was leaving the Post Office I bumped into one of those friends who I only seem to see in passing every 3 or 4 months. The last time I saw her she asked what was going on with my husband's work and proceeded to tell me how "it's always something with you guys and not ever having steady employment." Ouch! Like I didn't know this. Did I really need to be reminded?

For some reason, that God only knows, our family has not experienced more than two straight years of stable income since our first child was born in 1997. It's a sensitive subject. And one that seems to come up more often than I'd like to discuss it. I cringe inside when I know the topic is about to surface.

As soon as I saw her, my first thought was "Here we go". Sure enough: "What's going on with Trey?" I can't blame her. She was sincere in her question. It's no different than someone who has had health issues always being asked how they're feeling. Or somebody who has experienced rebellion in her children to be questioned with, "Where is your daughter these days?" I just get tired of not having a positive response. I grow weary of the look of "I feel sorry for you" on their faces. I worry that this will be always be our lot in life. Yet my response surprised even myself.

I shared with her that God had recently--very recently--brought me to the realization that we all have "our one thing". You know what I'm talking about. The wish that, if it came to fruition, would make your life perfect. Or so we think. For one person it might be an intimate, satisfying marriage. For another, a day that didn't involve taking multiple medications and spending the better part of her life on a dialysis machine. Yet isn't it this "one thing" that causes us to rely on God the most?

I think about how I am so quick to respond when I hear a friend talk about her trials--which usually center around an issue I'm not currently struggling with. In my mind I think, "I'm really sorry but at least you know where your next paycheck is coming from." (I clearly missed the sermon on bearing one another's burdens, huh?) I put a level of importance on my challenges versus hers. But really it's all the same.

What if God did relieve the pressure of our "one thing"? What need would we have for Him? Really? He knows us so well and He also knows how we would respond. I think about the times when life has gone my way and the challenges were few. The result? A smug outlook and a temptation to regularly pat my own back for "how hard we've worked."

Although I am not thrilled at the prospect of having the "same old story" for the foreseeable future, I'm glad I know the one who holds my future in His hands.


3 Responses to “The One Thing”

D.A. said...

Dearest Dana,

I am thankful for our 22+ friendship and although we aren't as close as we have been in the past I treasure that friendship in my heart.

I am also thankful to witness yours and Trey's relationship, family, and hearts. There are only two or three relationships that I can truly say I admire and respect and yours and Trey's are one of those. There are many people with a great deal more than either of us will probably ever see in our lifetime, but they most likely do not have the same sense of spirit.

Obviously, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, so I am not delusional, but at the end of the day or life I am certain the riches you have far out way any social embarrassment or commentary.

Besides, life is not over with yet, and I believe prosperity is in your families future.

God Bless my long time friend.

Love, Donny

kimberly said...

I loved this post. Thanks for reminder :)

Anonymous said...

Dana -
I don't know you but I found your link thru a mutual friend of your husband's. My name is Susan - Trey knew me as Susan Rogers. I grew up just up the street from Trey and we used to play football in his front yard till we totally distroyed the yard and Mr. Carpenter put up a sign saying the field was closed for repair. Please tell Trey I said hello! My email is if he wants to get in touch with me.