In Search of Sunshine

Monday, February 11, 2008

While checking the weather forecast (don't ask me why I'd do that in February) on a Seattle TV station's website I learned that, since the end of October, only 6 recorded days of sunshine have been logged. That's right. SIX!! And five of them simultaneously occurred in the month of January. So if you do the math that means no sunlight in all of November and December?? Now I know why it feels like this has been an unusually long winter.
So what does one do when heading south is not in the budget? I might suggest at the very least to head east of the mountains where sun is a typical visitor on most days. Oh, that's right ALL of the mountain passes are closed due to avalanche danger. Buy one of those UVA lamps? Many northwesterners swear by them but there just seems to be something inherently odd about sitting under artificial light hoping to lift my mood.
I say that now but ask me in 39 days (the start of Spring) and I may have changed my tune.