On the heels of the teen years

Monday, October 28, 2013

As I was about to head to bed, I realized that I didn't write a post about Ben's 12th birthday.  Probably because this birthDAY was preceded by a birthday WEEKEND.  I think this year will rank right up there as probably the best and most memorable one so far.  Even though the actual day was a bit uneventful and his dinner guests consisted of just his mom and dad, the two days prior were nothing short of spectacular.  And filled with the kinds of things that are uber important to a 12-year-old boy like Ben. 

The previous Saturday's football game was a heartbreaker.  Their team had practiced field goals the previous week and agreed to let Ben give it a shot to kick any extra point opportunities.  Both times they scored a touchdown, Ben ran out to have his shining moment only to have his teammates fumble the snap.  He stood on the sidelines dejected and as soon as we saw him post-game, he burst into tears.  He was still upset two hours later.  Two days ago was their last game and even though they practiced once again during the week, there were no guarantees he'd have a chance to try again.  Two minutes into the game, they scored and out ran all 73 pounds of Ben.  Darn if he didn't nail it through the posts.  On the last play of the game, he played running back, ran it in for a touchdown and promptly returned to attempt the kick once again.  "It's up.  And it's good!"  I don't think he stopped smiling for the rest of the day and into the evening.  

Even though this was a huge birthday present, the next day he got an even bigger one.  Knowing we were looking for tickets to the Seattle Sounders soccer game, as it's tradition for Trey and Ben to go to a game together for his birthday, a good friend gave us 4 tickets to Sunday's game versus L.A. Galaxy.  These tickets also included a parking pass, dinner and ice cream at halftime.  That alone was present enough but then a soccer game with (cushioned) seats on the 50 yard line and two players' autographs on top of that?  

Happy 12th birthday, Benjamin Davis! You are a kind, considerate, loving and patient young man who gives so much to others and asks for so little for yourself.  You deserved the amazing birthday spoiling you had this year and are so worth celebrating!