God is Good

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I've been hearing that phrase a lot lately. I do agree with it, however, I find it usually follows a story of how everything went the person's way. Rarely does someone convey a tragedy, sadness or pain and end with the explanation that our Heavenly Father is "good." Why is God's goodness dependent on having life turn out to our liking? But it sure seems to be, huh?

Case in point. I was in one of my favorite gift stores a while back. The lady helping me was in her early 40's. As she was wrapping my package, she shared how her oldest was graduating from high school and they went out to celebrate on their boat. She then went on to describe the conversation she and her husband were having (while dancing cheek to cheek on said boat)about how great their life was. I listened as she went on and then she ended with "Yeah, we've really had nothing bad happen to us. No major life issues, no illnesses or accidents. God has been good." Inside I was shouting "Wouldn't he still be good even if you had?? Is that really a blessing? How can you be compassionate to another's trials if you've had none of your own?" It wasn't the time or the place but that conversation stuck with me. So then when I heard a friend utter those words yesterday it brought me back to this scenario.

I know I have fallen victim to that same thinking. If I do this, then my life will turn out perfectly. I'm not sure where that comes from but I'm glad that God (in his GOODNESS) saw fit to save me from myself. I thought that if I was a "good girl" and obeyed all the moral rules, then no harm would ever befall me. I was mad at God for years as I endured disappointment after disappointment. I really expected life to go my way as a reward for my moralistic lifestyle. Instead I dug in my heels and chewed on the fat of my pride when I didn't receive the material blessings I thought I deserved. However, I have learned that the sufferings are His greatest blessings. And through those sufferings, is when the goodness of God really shines through. And our response shows the world where our peace lies.

I love these lyrics from the Mercy Me song "Bring the Rain"

"I can count a million times
People asking me how I
Can praise you after all that I've been through
The question just amazes me
Can circumstances possibly
Change who I forever am in You?"

Or do they change who HE is? Never. He IS good. All the time.

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Nicole said...

LOVE THIS! Thank you for reminding me of such a truth!