Thursday, March 19, 2009

Right now this is the most annoying word in the English language for me. It feels like it's been my response to pretty much every question I'm asked these days. Actually I think it's been my answer for the past two years. We are not a culture accustomed to waiting and I'm probably ranked somewhere near the bottom when it comes to the "patient meter.". I like "fast." I talk fast. I drive fast (but NEVER more than 5 miles over the speed limit) I think fast. I eat fast. I make quick decisions. One of the only things I do slow is get out of bed in the morning.

In my growing frustration with the "waiting place" I have also wanted to make the most of the growth that accompanies this space. I must admit that, more often than not, I resent being here. I'm a "doer" not a "waiter". Yet, I sense that surrendering to the waiting will bring me to the exact place I need to be--and prepare me for the next challenge. In the meantime, I listen to this song--A LOT. Sometimes more than once or twice a day. You may not currently be in a place of waiting but eventually we all find ourselves there. Sometimes it's brief. More often it feels like eternity. When you get there, I hope this video will be a source of comfort and patient expectation for you.